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U.S. Onshore as Part of a Global Sourcing Model

U.S. Onshore should be considered as part of a balanced global sourcing model. Industry analysts have described global sourcing or a global delivery model as a new way to think about information technology. Global sourcing combines the best of offshore, U.S. onshore, onsite, and in-house IT staffing resources to create a comprehensive IT sourcing strategy. Multiple sourcing options allow an organization to diversify resources and consequently limit risks. A balanced sourcing strategy keeps cost low while providing high quality results.

Embracing a global sourcing strategy creates choices. There are advantages and disadvantages with each option that must be weighed when calculating how IT sourcing should be redistributed or allocated. The elements of a global sourcing strategy are, In-House, On-Site, Offshore and U.S. Onshore. More

For more information about our onshore support services, view our whitepaper "U.S. Onshore”.

Eagle Creek U.S. Onshore Benefits

For U.S. Onshore, Eagle Creek Software Services stands out in providing consulting, development, implementation, integration, upgrade and other technical and software services. Eagle Creek is the largest U.S. Onshore software services company and the first to establish onshore technology centers. Eagle Creek has four domestic technology centers in the midwest, as well as consultants throughout the U.S. More

Return On Investment

Calculating ROI is a very personal process for a company. Each company has a unique way to determine what the best use of existing and future resources is. That’s why Eagle Creek does not have a one-size-fits-all ROI model, instead focusing on customized IT solutions and onshore support services. More

Agile Development

Eagle Creek are experts in Agile Development. We have participated in over a thousand implementations and development cycles and can take an Agile, or other traditional development approach. We’ve perfected these methodologies and can lead you through what will work and what won’t work, given the technology you’re going to deploy and your organization’s circumstances and goals. More

U.S. Technology Centers

Eagle Creek has developed a unique onshore delivery model in collaboration with the state governments of North and South Dakota. This U.S. Onshore delivery model delivers scalability, consistency and sustainability in software development, deployment and support. More

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