Eagle Creek Software Services

Our Story

Eagle Creek’s unique model pairs 18 years of expertise with 13 years of U.S. Onshore maturity, allowing companies to change their resource strategy to meet the demands of today’s digital business. We developed the industry’s first U.S. Onshore model as an alternative to offshore, enabling our customers to improve efficiency and quality, while managing price and risk. Today and four technology centers later, we are now the standard for advanced digital consulting capabilities.

Eagle Creek - we're outreaching the expected.


Application Development

One million hours of Java and .Net experience building agile solutions for our Fortune 2000 customers.

Knowledge beyond the expected.


Our four million hours of Salesforce and Siebel experience credits us as specialists in business-to-enterprise integration, upgrades, implementations and platform expansions.

Expertise ahead of the expected.

Data Integration & BI

Frontend, backend, mainframe, legacy, MDM, warehouses, data lakes, mobility - we’ve seen it, done it and been successful at it.

Experience further than the expected.

Customer Success Stories


Whether you are a new graduate, a skilled professional, or looking for a career change into the technology field, we have opportunities for you.



Visit the Eagle Creek “Agile in America” blog where you will find a broad and lively forum that covers technologies to process to methodologies to sourcing.