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United Bankers Bank

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United Bankers Bank was the Nation's First Banker's Bank and has grown into one of the largest correspondent banks in the United States. UBB serves more than 800 customer banks across 12 states including Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and now Illinois. UBB's mission is to level the competitive playing field by providing community banks with a full range of innovative and secure correspondent services.


To fulfill the promise of equipping community banks to compete more effectively, UBB determined they needed to make significant investments in technology. One of the key technology initiatives is the development of a unified framework with specific applications for UBB's customers. The application framework is used across the entire system to manage users and applications within the bank's environment. Initial applications included credit card merchant account billing and merchant services.


Eagle Creek was selected to do full life cycle development of the application framework and application modules. Eagle Creek provided the technological expertise, ease of engagement and versatility required for the project in addition to supporting the client in managing the overall cost of development. Our expertise in Agile enabled UBB to get fully functional products to market quickly such that they can make good on their commitments to the community banks they serve.

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