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Rally Software is a leading global provider of cloud-based solutions for managing Agile software development. Rally's platform transforms the way organizations manage the software development lifecycle by closely aligning software development and strategic business objectives, facilitating collaboration, increasing transparency, and automating manual processes. Rally supports 168,000 users and more than 1,000 customers, including 34 of the Fortune top 100 companies.


Rally have been a Salesforce User for eight years experiencing growth and re-organizations leading to a need to review their Salesforce instance. Realizing their business had evolved Rally knew their CRM needs had also become more sophisticated requiring a functional and technical review. Rally's in-house team was unable to conduct this due to other commitments.


Eagle Creek did an initial review that uncovered issues related to their Salesforce implementation and revealed how future needs might impact the Salesforce system. A complete functional and technical assessment followed. The evaluation included a review of the Salesforce Licenses purchased and used; utilization and management of Permissions, Roles, and Hierarchies; use of Reports and Dashboards; redundancy of Fields defined and populated; and an initial Custom Code review.

Eagle Creek then embarked on a project for implementing the recommended changes and new Salesforce features and functions to meet current and future requirements.

Eagle Creek continues to work with Rally, in a Continuous Enhancement and Support (CES) model, utilizing the Eagle Creek consultants based in the Pierre, South Dakota Technology Center. The support and enhancement service provides Rally with a cost effective and flexible resource pool to enable them to get their critical Salesforce initiatives implemented to their users quickly, without compromising their other non-Salesforce project initiatives and priorities.

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