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IT Resource ROI

Have you thought about applying an ROI calculation against your entire IT resource model – including employees, onsite contractors, offshore or U.S. Onshore? Do you understand your IT resource strategy’s limitations? Where it breaks down from a cost perspective? Where it becomes unsustainable? In today’s market of hard-to-find employees, high cost of contractors or the lack of acceptable quality from offshore, maybe it’s now a necessity.

These are some considerations when calculating IT Resource ROI:

  • True cost of in-house staff per hour
  • Cost of contract support per hour
  • Ratio of in-house staff to contractors
  • Growth forecast for all types of resources
  • Indirect costs such as quality assessment, rework, cost to support

The key to any ROI evaluation is validating the underlying goals of a company’s IT resource strategy, including:

  • Creating a flexible and scalable technical resource pool for future growth
  • Reducing the overall cost of technical resources
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the resource pool

To evaluate IT Resource ROI, Eagle Creek projects all resource types…employee, contractor, offshore and U.S. Onshore…current-to-future cost including risk, quality and scalability, over a three to five year period. Modeling these aspects will produce a breaking point in any resource model. In one instance, a major U.S. based company (and now Eagle Creek client) could save $135 million over four years by contracting with Eagle Creek for a portion of its IT services. While this number is large, it represents the unsustainability of its IT current sourcing model and presents an opportunity to create new efficiencies.

For more information download our whitepaper “U.S. Onshore”.

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