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Eagle Creek U.S. Onshore

By accepting the Global Sourcing model for IT services, you enter a best of breed situation when determining where to distribute resources. For onshore sourcing, Eagle Creek Software Services stands out in providing consulting, development, implementation, integration, upgrade and other technical and software services. Here’s why:


Eagle Creek is the largest onshore consulting company and the first to establish onshore technology centers. Eagle Creek has four domestic technology centers located in North Dakota, two in South Dakota and Minnesota, along with consultants throughout the U.S. We have built robust, consistent, sustainable and durable relations in the states we operate, at the state level, throughout the higher education system and right to the communities in which we live. We can scale to our customers demands, and customize our solutions to your needs.


Ability to scale is made easier with size. Smaller companies do not have the resources or ability to scale up for major projects. As the largest U.S. based onshore software services company, Eagle Creek has the size, experience and partnerships to ramp up in a short period of time.


Eagle Creek is focused on quality in all aspects of CRM, Application Development, Data Integration and BI. With thorough development and testing, Eagle Creek delivers a product that is defect free and ready for adoption. The root of Eagle Creek’s quality difference is process, training and experience. Eagle Creek takes the time to train its IT consultants at its onshore Technology Centers. By combining this with our onsite consultants, Eagle Creek has a unique model that’s easy to engage, and has a proven track record of providing reliable, high quality software development, deployment and support, efficiently and at lower cost.


Eagle Creek pioneered the concept of onshore Technology Centers beginning in 2005. By locating these centers in non-urban areas, Eagle Creek is able to lower cost while maintaining the high quality customers expect. The IT consultants in Eagle Creek′s Technology Centers are the product of the best higher education system in the world and have acquired extensive, relevant training. They get the benefit of working alongside some of the industry’s most experienced professionals – a result of Eagle Creek’s onshore model. The cost of doing business is lower in these communities, and those savings are passed on to our customers.


Eagle Creek is expert in a range of technologies with a focus on CRM, Application Development, Data Integration and BI. Eagle Creek is focused on the Front Office – where companies are aligning with customers, prospects and constituents. Seeking competitive edge through the provisioning of singular customer experiences, personalized, mobile and memorable; it is here that companies can truly use their technology investments to increase effectiveness and drive competitive edge. Eagle Creek′s model delivers contextual understanding that in turn drives creativity, speed to market and aligns business goals and IT methodologies.


ROI is unique to each business. Each company has a unique way to determine what the best use of existing and future resources is. That’s why Eagle Creek does not have a one-size-fits-all ROI model, instead focusing on customized IT solutions.

When considering ROI, Eagle Creek looks at the current use of resources and judges the cost, risk, quality, ability to scale and sustainability. From there, the numbers are often hard to fathom. In one instance, a major U.S. based company will save $135 million over four years by contracting with Eagle Creek for a portion of its IT services. While this number may seem absurd, it represents the unsustainability of many corporate IT sourcing models and presents an opportunity to create new efficiencies and update processes.

For more information, view our whitepaper “Onshore Software Development”.

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