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Data Integration through Microsoft Tools Consulting

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Our consultants and developers have worked on numerous projects utilizing Microsoft technology. We specialize in helping companies create better customer experiences for their clients, and we will make sure your infrastructure is optimized. Let us help you accomplish your data integration needs through our expertise with Microsoft Tools.

There is no silver bullet for application integration. Different situations call for different solutions, each targeting a particular kind of problem. To address this broad set of problems, Microsoft has created several different integration technologies, each targeting a particular group of scenarios. Our consultants and developers are experienced with these technologies and can provide a comprehensive, unified, and a complete integration solution.

Eagle Creek provides expertise in the following Microsoft integration technologies:

  • Technologies for integrating applications directly, including Microsoft ASP.NET Web services (ASMX), Microsoft .NET Remoting, and Microsoft Enterprise Services
  • Technologies for integrating applications through queues, including Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) and SQL Service Broker
  • Technologies for integrating Microsoft Windows applications with applications and data on IBM systems
  • Technologies for integrating applications through a broker, the approach taken by BizTalk Server
  • Technologies for integrating data, including Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Replication


All can be used from a single development environment, Microsoft Visual Studio, and all rely on a common foundation, the Microsoft .NET Framework. Given this, combining these technologies is straightforward, making it easier to solve complex integration challenges.

Eagle Creek can provide skilled resources for any combination of the Microsoft tool set. Our U.S. Onshore Model gives us the flexibility to place those resources with our customers in a number of different configurations, meeting the staffing needs while taking into consideration overall project timelines and costs.

Talk to us about how our unique U.S. Onshore delivery model can deliver a data integration with Microsoft tools for your enterprise.