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Oracle Siebel

Oracle’s Siebel CRM remains indispensable in enterprise CRM environments. There are few full-featured enterprise CRM alternatives that can compete with Siebel, when it comes to comprehensive sales, marketing and services functionality within industries such as oil and gas, local government, telecom, automotive, pharmaceutical, and insurance. Siebel 15 and Siebel 16 represent significant advancements in the evolution of Siebel confirming its endurance in the digital enterprise. We’ve been working with Siebel since 1999 and have retained unrivaled enterprise expertise. Our onsite/onshore model delivers the highest quality Siebel services at a price point that beats any alternative.

Eagle Creek Siebel Services

Eagle Creek is the largest U.S. based onshore service provider specializing in Oracle Siebel services. Eagle Creek provides Siebel consulting, development, implementation, integration, upgrade and other technical and software services. Our company has built up over 5 million hours of time working on over 350 CRM projects including some of the world’s largest and most complex, in a variety of major industries. Eagle Creek employs a unique U.S. Onshore delivery model enabling customers to manage price, quality and risk in development, delivery and support through the use of both onsite Siebel consultants and offsite consultants based in our Technology Centers. Eagle Creek provides organizations with substantial cost savings and improved speed to market, working with customers to protect their significant investment in Oracle’s Siebel CRM.

 Learn more by downloading our Upgrading Siebel CRM datasheet.

New Siebel 15 Capabilities

Siebel 15, also known as Innovation Pack 2015 represents a new milestone in the evolution of the Siebel CRM product. Browser and Architecture flexibility are achieved and the stage is set for unleashing future Cloud capabilities in Siebel 16 and beyond.

Siebel application mobile and industry solutions are enhanced as well as the introduction of the new Siebel Composer (Developer Preview only).

For customer experience continued enhancement to the Open UI and mobile solutions as well as new features that promote usability such as cloud application theme and a new charting solution.

For industry applications mobile solutions for Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Consumer Goods are enhanced. The Public Sector and HTIM Partner Portal provides a new customer experience and additional features for partners and users. A new Risk Assessment and Site training and tracking solution for Clinical Trials is added that benefits Clinical Research Organizations. For business agility the first stages of web based development are added with a feature called Siebel Composer introduced as preview mode to give our customers a first look at the base functionality.

Learn more about Siebel 15 capabilities by downloading our Release Summary.

Why Upgrade Siebel with Eagle Creek
  • A Siebel partner with depth of experience and technical expertise, Eagle Creek’s Siebel upgrade methodologies are based on our involvement in numerous migrations
  • Ensure a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the business requirements that supported the current version of the application, specifically the customizations and integration
  • Level set the organization’s mindset on the effect of migrating to Siebel 15
  • Perform the upgrade as a discrete standalone project with only a minimal set of upgrade-specific modifications or enhancements
  • Careful documentation of configuration and administrative changes to the Siebel configuration

Learn more by downloading our Upgrading Siebel CRM datasheet.

Upgrade Process and Free Upgrade Evaluation

Eagle Creek, with extensive experience in working with Siebel solutions will first conduct a free Upgrade Evaluation followed by a fixed price GAP Analysis Assessment with a fixed time and cost.

Eagle Creek will conduct, for free, up to 8 hours of Upgrade Evaluation to determine the scope of the requirements.

The next phase of the implementation process would be to conduct a GAP Analysis Assessment with a fixed time and fixed cost, based upon the size and complexity of the organization’s Siebel environment.

The GAP Analysis Assessment consists of:

  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Tailored project plan
  • Architecture assessment
  • Customized action plan and business justification upon completion of the Siebel GAP Analysis Assessment

Upon completion of the GAP Analysis Assessment, our upgrade approach involves the following:

  • Implement the new design based on the gaps identified
  • Conduct comprehensive testing, including, Unit, System Integration and User Acceptance Testing
  • Prepare and conduct User Training
  • Deploy the upgrade application in production

Learn more by downloading our Upgrading Siebel CRM datasheet.

Siebel Support Services

Eagle Creek is the only Siebel services company in North America that can provide a local, high quality, cost-effective, full support services for your Siebel 15 implementation. Successful support services are a result of quality, experienced consultants in a dedicated environment. From implementations to production support, Eagle Creek’s Siebel Technology Centers have played an integral role in the most sophisticated CRM projects in the industry.

We have remained active in all aspects of Siebel while Siebel expertise has become more difficult to locate and retain. We have:

  • The largest concentration of CRM consultants in one U.S. based company
  • On demand flex project teams for peak needs
  • Consultants that have more than 5 million hours of CRM services experience
  • VPN, hosted development or hosted environment
  • New implementations, upgrades, managed services and support experience
  • Global 5x8 to 24x7 configurable support

Learn more about Siebel Support Services download our Support services Data Sheet.