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CRM Consulting

Eagle Creek has global expertise in CRM consulting.  We have four million hours of implementing, integrating and supporting world-wide CRM solutions for our Fortune 2000 customers.  With 18 years of SFA, call center, service, marketing, clinical trials and mobility, we are one of the largest and most seasoned U.S. based CRM consulting partners.

You’re done implementing SalesForce or Siebel and now it’s time for further development.  The business requires additional functionality and more integration.  An upgrade is on the horizon.  You need to de-commission or consolidate instances.  You want a one-vendor, end-to-end solution.

Eagle Creek offers you a complete solution for integration and customization.  Our 12 years of Salesforce and Siebel provide the experience essential for your needs.  Frontend, backend, mainframe and other platforms – we’ve done the integration.  We excel in mobile, customized application, data migration, upgrades and platform expansion.  With over four million hours of cross-industry experience, we have background in it all.

These CRM solutions wouldn’t be possible without the Eagle Creek U.S. Onshore model. 12 years and four technology centers later, we are supporting the platforms and languages you need for digital business. Our centers are now the standard for advanced CRM capabilities. We have teams of subject matter experts, project managers, architects, business analysts, technical leads, senior developers or quality assurance specialists located in the heart of the United States.  Eagle Creek U.S. Onshore and CRM, outreaching the expected.

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