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Utah Transit Authority

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The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) is a division of the Utah Department of Transportation that provides public transportation to approximately 1.8 million people via bus, vanpool, light rail, and train services. Public transportation authorities are trying to manage the threats and opportunities presented by digital business. In transportation, mobile technologies are a key component as they play a role across the three crucial areas of routing and flow management, payment and ticketing systems and providing up to date, easy to access information to the traveling public.


Payment and ticketing systems were the focus of the UTA. They wanted to create a consistent, high-quality customer experience for UTA travelers. Achieving this objective promoted the importance of mobile technologies, intuitive and attractive design and robust security features. The UTA needed a solution quickly and economically. Specifically, the system would enable the purchase of new pre-paid physical and digital fare cards, customer account registration, account and card review, easy card top up and the ability to receive text and email messages.  The solution needed to be responsive to maximize convenience across multiple devices and be browser agnostic and multilingual.


Eagle Creek took the project from development through to deployment. The engagement took advantage of Eagle Creek's U.S. Onshoring model meaning that the UTA got expert, sustainable and flexible Agile teams. The solution was delivered economically and quickly enabling them to respond to the customers' changing demands. Travelers have choices and citizens are rightly demanding of their transportation systems. We're glad we can bring our experience, technology focus and unique delivery model to bear, making it easy for UTA customers to get a ticket to ride.

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