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Stewart is a leading provider of real estate services, including global, residential, and commercial title insurance, escrow and settlement services, lender services, underwriting, specialty insurance, and other solutions that facilitate successful real estate transactions. The company offers personalized service, industry expertise, and customized solutions for virtually any type of real estate transaction, direct operations, the network of approved agencies, and other companies within the enterprise.


The customer made a strategic decision to implement Siebel to handle their business transactions with their clients. This implementation improved and simplified the customer experience simultaneously increasing the visibility of risk related information. Stewart needed to speed up their quoting and billing processes, better manage their large transaction volume, create a single system of record for all the relevant documentation, and unify their underwriting approval.


The solution leveraged the vertical nature of Siebel, incorporating the eChannel functionality. Open UI was implemented to eliminate browser constraints and therefore improve the customer experience. Stewart can standardize their pricing procedures meaning they can maintain consistency across all the states in which they do business. We worked with OPA enabling Stewart to produce documentation reflecting transactions at any point in time helping them remain in compliance in this heavily regulated business.

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