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Founded in 1994, PeopleNet, a Trimble Company, provides fleet mobility technology for North America’s land transportation industry that enables greater levels of safety, compliance, cost reduction and customer service. Its products are used by more than 2,000 truckload, LTL, private, and energy services fleets in the United States and Canada, including several Fortune 500 companies. The company aggressively develops new products that continue to improve fleet management.


Technology innovation is a key part of growth for PeopleNet and as such the balance of quality, risk, speed to market and price are key considerations in all IT investments. PeopleNet has used both nearshore and offshore groups in the past. They found that neither had the required knowledge of U.S. commerce that would enable them to deliver the customer, or end user experience that was required. PeopleNet required speed to market, but neither nearshore or offshore companies could effectively run the Agile development environments to provide such speed. PeopleNet also lacked the experience at managing distant delivery groups. PeopleNet found that the combination of these items created slower development cycles with offshore and near-shore, due to rework, logistical issues, and difficulty managing these resource groups. This resulted in a higher cost model than originally anticipated.


The client engaged Eagle Creek as a strategic partner to speed up the development cycles, manage the logistical issues associated with critical hardware, create the ability for project teams to successfully work in agile and ultimately drive down the total cost of development.

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