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Arizona Highways

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At its inception as a pamphlet in 1921, Arizona Highways originally promoted itself as a publication designed to promote "the development of good roads throughout the state."  Almost five years later, it was relaunched as a regular magazine.  Over the next two decades the magazine dedicated itself to the present format of travel tales, historical stories, and humor about the state of Arizona (including stories about Arizona's contribution to the history of the Old West), always enhanced by the photography.

In 1946, Ansel Adams started to contribute prints for the magazine. Since this time, the magazine has become known for its photography, often compared favorably with that of National Geographic and similar travel magazines.

The digital extension of the magazine,, true to its predecessor, continues the tradition of offering beautiful photography (further complemented by allowing users to contribute their own photos), as well as informative and entertaining articles on travel, hiking, camping, and more.


While Arizona Highways was generally pleased with the look and feel of their site from a user's perspective, the managing of content was a tedious process with many changes requiring code changes resulting from static configuration of the site.  While the site was built in Drupal, the CMS architecture at the time was not leveraging what the Drupal platform was originally built to facilitate.  Information architecture could not be easily managed via the CMS, and many other features of the site required unusual workflows inconsistent with the default, and far more effective, built-in workflows that Drupal was designed to provide.

Further, Arizona Highways needed a way to manage its growing collection of stunning user-contributed photography, particularly the process of transitioning user photo submissions to published content, all the while providing a process of moderating and selecting contributed photos that the site, at the time, simple couldn't provide.


Eagle Creek recommended the complete rebuild of the site to simplify the site for maintainability and scalability, moving all custom and static functionality to appropriate community modules, and the rebuild of the site theme to be aligned with Drupal best practices.

A new site theme was created to be dynamic. Static functionality was transitioned into appropriate Drupal community modules.  Further, updates to most of CMS architecture including content types, views and features, was undertaken to ensure the site would deploy successfully and be exportable.

Finally, Eagle Creek's expertise in Agile facilitated not only expeditious development and deployment cycles, but also ensured that the project came in on budget, and on time.


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