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Engagement Optimization Pyramid

Eagle Creek’s Engagement Optimization Pyramid


So you are intrigued by the Eagle Creek’s U.S. Onshoring model and are wondering how to optimize your use of it. You want to wring the most value out of this relationship and help better balance price, quality, and risk in your software development, deployment, and support?

A major factor in realizing the maximum value is establishing whether there is alignment between what you need and what the Eagle Creek model and philosophy is best suited to provide.

Eagle Creek teams can range from the Engagement Manager right the way through to the Associate Developer, a team deployed of mixed skills (resembling a pyramid) ensures greatest value for the client.

Eagle Creek’s model is optimized when we are engaging our Technology Center people in concert with the relevant and typically on site resources.

Engagement Managers, Project Managers etc. typically on site (ensuring quality) with greater numbers of developers typically offsite (enabling the best leverage of our cost model) – it’s what we call...“switching the factory on”.

A Project Augmentation model can be deployed to assist projects that require more resources due to shortages or a need for faster delivery.

The Project Model is best deployed in anticipation of multiple, upcoming projects which require more senior experience and greater expertise, and the Enterprise Model is highly optimized in an Enterprise Engagement. Multiple projects, teams rolling from one project to another. An ability to scale up and down and that is tuned with skills in the right proportions to reflect your needs and maximizes the delivery model. It looks like the pyramid.

So to realize the value of Eagle Creek’s U.S. Onshoring we have to be aligned, such that we can “Turn on the factory”, leverage the pyramid of skills, to optimize the model, and maximize the value to your organization. This will empower you to balance price, quality and risk in your software development, deployment and support.

Eagle Creek: when onsite is too expensive and offshore just won’t work.