Adapting the Digital Enterprise with Siebel



Adapting the Digital Enterprise with Siebel

Digital Transformation requires innovation with new technologies. It also requires adaptation with existing technology like Siebel. Technology plays its part on the journey of Digital Business and expert partners will help guide the way. With Siebel you have a technology that continues to provide proven, reliable, modern CRM functionality.

There are few full-featured enterprise CRM alternatives that can compete with Siebel, especially within verticals such as pharmaceutical, insurance, and telecommunications.

And with the introduction of the latest releases Siebel 15, and now Siebel 16, these abilities will continue.

Siebel 15 provides simplicity and sophistication. The further enhanced Open UI improves the customer experience. Industry specific solutions are continually enriched along with innovations to improve business agility and architecture flexibility. And these enhancements will continue to grow in Siebel 16.

To successfully implement a Siebel upgrade you need to work with a partner that you can trust. One that has depth in enterprise experience and technical expertise.

Eagle Creek has completed millions of hours on Siebel projects, and frankly when we say we’ve seen it all before – we mean it.

We are the market leader in U.S. Onshoring – an offsite, but onshore services model. We operate four technology centers in the midwest combined with onsite consultants throughout the U.S. This allows our customers to increase quality and efficiency while managing price and risk in software development, deployment and support.

Eagle Creek: when onsite is too expensive and offshore just won’t work.