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Domestic onshoring of IT software consulting services uses the Global Sourcing model to provide technological competencies at lower cost. For onshore and domestic sourcing, Eagle Creek Software Services stands out. Here’s why:


Eagle Creek is the largest U.S. based onshore and rural sourcing software services company and the first software services company to establish onshore technology centers. Eagle Creek has three domestic technology centers in North and South Dakota, as well as consultants throughout the US, allowing Eagle Creek to scale and customize its solutions to customer needs.


Ability to scale is made easier with size. Smaller companies do not have the resources or ability to scale up for major projects. As the largest U.S. based onshore software services company, Eagle Creek has the size, experience and partnerships to ramp up in a short period of time.


Eagle Creek is focused on quality in all aspects of CRM, Business Intelligence (BI) and application development. With thorough development and testing, Eagle Creek delivers a product that is defect free and ready for implementation. The root of Eagle Creek’s quality difference is training and experience. Eagle Creek takes the time to train its IT consultants at its onshore Technology Centers. By combining this with our onsite consultants, Eagle Creek has a proven track record of providing reliable, high quality software implementations, efficiently and at lower cost.


The IT consultants employed at Eagle Creek’s Technology Centers have been highly educated in the latest software technologies. By locating technology centers in rural areas, Eagle Creek is able to lower cost while maintaining the high quality that customers expect. This cost saving is passed on to our customers.


Consultants from Eagle Creek are experts in a wide range of software technologies, including CRM, Business Intelligence (BI) and other applications. Through our onshore Technology Centers, Eagle Creek is able to customize a quality software solution, while managing price and risk in the software development, deployment and support processes.

Talk to us about how Eagle Creek’s unique rural sourcing model can deliver cutting edge software implementations for your enterprise, on time and within budget.

To find out more about rural sourcing and onshore outsourcing trends download the Gartner Whitepaper – “Providers Expand U.S. Onshore Delivery…”

“Providers Expand U.S. Onshore Delivery…” download

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